Trust our team of highly skilled tree care professionals to keep all your foliage healthy and beautiful utilizing our maintenance program or one of our other specialized options.

• 5-Step Maintenance Program

This professional service provides essential root fertilization to insure healthy balanced growth, as well as protection against certain insect and spider mite problems. We carefully scout the property and only treat plants that have an active problem, greatly minimizing your family’s exposure to pesticides while still ensuring a healthy landscape.

• Bagworm Control

Bagworms feed on the foliage of a wide variety of trees and shrubs, but evergreens are particularly susceptible to infestations. If not treated, they can spread quickly as the larvae blows from tree to tree. Heavy infestations can lead to complete defoliation of trees and shrubs. Andersen Home Services can eliminate these destructive pests and preserve the beauty of your home’s landscape.

• Japanese Beetle Control

The adult Japanese beetle can devastate shade trees, ornamental shrubs, and many garden plants. They feed on leaf tissue between the veins, leaving a lace-like skeleton behind. The grubs can also destroy large areas of turf in your lawn. We can assess your problem and utilize soil treatments or trunk-injected applications to eliminate this dangerous pest.

• Crab Apple Care

Scab is the most common disease of Crab Apple trees. Warm, wet springs can allow Scab to completely defoliate susceptible Crab Apples. Under favorable conditions for disease development, infected leaves will turn yellow and drop, but with only two well-timed treatments, we can have your Crab Apples looking full and healthy by season’s end.

• American Dogwood Program

One of our most beautiful native trees, the American Dogwood is sadly in decline due to the spread of disease over the past 20 years. Consisting of six applications, a remarkable new program from Andersen Home Services protects against the Dogwood Borer and major disease-causing agents, and also provides essential nutrients through root feeding to insure healthy growth and flowering.

• Large Tree Injection Services

Due to the size of a tree, spray controls may not be effective due to drift, poor coverage, and short-lived control products. By injecting superior control products into the soil for root uptake, or injecting them directly into the trunk of the tree, products can be spread throughout the entire tree, insuring full coverage and season-long protection. Some common injection services are:

  • Emerald Ash Borer Control
  • Sycamore Anthracnose Control
  • Plant Growth Regulation
  • Oak Leaf Scorch Control
  • Armored and Soft Scale Control
  • General Insect and Mite Control

• Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation directs water flow to the exact location where the water is needed, eliminating the waste created by runoff and overspray onto windows, walks or streets. Spray systems may work great for open expanses of turf, but drip irrigation allows for targeting very specific areas at or near plant root zones, so less water is lost through evaporation. Drip systems work well in landscaping, potted plants, and vegetable gardens. When it comes to keeping your flowers, shrubs and trees healthy and looking their best, consider drip irrigation from the professionals at Andersen Home Services.
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